Meet Our Team

KMD Enterprises began with a small band of technology professionals who worked together for years as employees of another organization. As we honed specific skills around web sites in general – and WordPress, specifically – we knew that we wanted to keep our team together and focus on just those things.

Along the way, we’ve made new friends, but the original idea is the same: we want a diverse team of passionate techno-creatives who can operate in a safe environment of mutual respect and trust. Through defined processes and standards, we are able to deliver consistency while still making room for the sort of creative expression needed to make every website special. And because we take a holistic approach, we’re prepared to address every aspect of your website: from how to tell your story to keeping your site safe and secure to planning for where we go next.

When you work with KMDE, our team becomes part of your team.

We don't just build websites; we buld relationships.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Our Strategic Partnerships

At KMDE, we’re not into reinventing wheels. But we also know… not all wheels are created equally.

We seek opportunities to align with vendors who provide high-qualities, affordable solutions that fit with our business model of delivering all aspects of WordPress excellence.

We choose partners who can improve our service offering. Our partners were carefully selected to help us refine our processes and increase our efficiency. This improves our service levels while keeping costs down.