We’re KMD Enterprises, LLC, a web services firm located in “Gig City,” Chattanooga, Tennessee. Aside from our blazing-fast bandwidth, Chattanooga was named by CNBC as one of the seven best American cities in which to found a startup, and, for us, it’s a hometown of which we’re very proud.

KMD Enterprises was founded by experienced IT professionals who work with and love WordPress and the web. Given that we live and work in a town known for high-speed Internet and entrepreneurship, this gig might just have been inevitable. Being an entrepreneur in Chattanooga feels more like family than competition, and we’d like to bring that spirit to the rest of the world.

Photo by Tory Doughty on Unsplash

Working with the web is both an art and a science, and it’s one of the few places in life where people who love both can thrive.

Yes, we’re biased, but — in our opinion — if you’re working with people for which web is just a job… you should find another vendor. It’s neither enough to have the skillset nor to have the passion… those je ne sais quoi moments only happen when skill and passion are mixed.

Your website is at the center of your digital brand.Everything else revolves around it.

It's often your first impression to prospective clients, and it's also how many of them will judge your business. This is no place to skimp.

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