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Five More Great Tools for LAMP Developers

A short time back, I wrote about two things that I wouldn’t want to be without as a Wordpress developer. Since then, a few things have changed. Circumstances have led me to spend more time with Windows 10, and its really working for me. Some of the reasons why I’m digging developing on my Windows 10 rig are these five great tools.

Choosing the Right Stack for the Job

As a developer, you’ve no doubt been asked “can you do [insert user request here]” more times than you can count. The answer is pretty much always “yes.” The tougher question these days is “how” … there are hundreds of ways to get things done these days. In this post, I’d like to share some of the things that shape my decisions about the “how.”

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate, Part Two

In a previous post, I introduced Wordpress Plugin Boilerplate (hereafter referred to as WPBB for brevity), an attempt at standardization for the way Wordpress plugins are developed.

Making a Simple Cell in CakePHP 4

This tutorial covers the basics of creating a view cell based upon an “articles” table, similar to the one from the blog tutorial on CakePHP.org. ┬áIt is written using CakePHP 4.

Creative (i.e. weird) WordPress Hosting Tricks

I frequently play around with different ways of improving Wordpress performance through hosting configurations, not so much because it’s necessary but because I have fun doing it. This was one of those times… I wondered about the value of catching the front-end of a Wordpress installation with Nginx but directing everything on the dashboard side of things to Apache2.

Renegade Classics

Link: https://renegadechattanooga.com Bikers are a special breed… KMDE founder and CEO Kenn Kitchen is one of them. A website for bikers needs to fit the

Therapy Associates

Link: https://therapyassociatellc.com Therapy Associates, LLC, is a leading provider of pediatric therapy services throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, with offices opening in

Goodman & Bagamery

Link: https://goodman-gi.com Doctors Goodman and Bagamery are board-certified gastroenterologists serving patients in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area (our home town!) They treat disorders affecting the esophagus,

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