The Complete List of KMD Services

The items listed in the searchable, sortable table below are standard with all our plans.

Daily site and database backupsIn the event that its needed, we can restore your site in minutes from our cloud backups of your site. We perform daily backups and retain them for about ten (10) days.
HTTPS/SSLImproves site security, Google rankings, and customer confidence. Prevents Chrome and Firefox from displaying "this site is not secure" when visited.
Server-side cachingCaches store pages and send the saved information rather than rebuilding each page every time; this provides for better site response times.
Content Delivery NetworkContent Delivery Networks (CDN) store assets such as your images in "network edge" servers around the world for faster page loading.
Staging siteAn exact replica of your site where you can work without fear of messing anything up; it can be refreshed on demand whenever you need it.
Plugin and theme updatesAutomatic checks every three hours and automated updates any discovered out-of-date plugins or themes; your site gets checked before and after and the KMD team gets alerted if anything looks unusual.
Regular file scans for suspicious codeDangerous or malicious code can come in with plugin or theme updates (or if your site gets hacked); we review these scans and take action as needed.
Google blacklist monitoringThis can occur if your site picks up malware or gets hacked; we'll notify you and assist with remediation.
IP lockouts for brute-force attacksWhen bots repeatedly attempt to guess usernames and passwords, we automatically block the network address (IP) from which they originate.
IP lockouts for 404 attacksA form of denial-of-service attack that repeatedly hits your site with requests for non-existent pages; we block the network address (IP) from whence such attacks originate.
Two-factor authenticationExtra requirements for login for privileged or all site users (can be enabled upon your request).
Dashboard login page maskingWe can change your site's dashboard access address from the standard "wp-admin" to something that hackers won't know. Enabled upon request.
Audit loggingAll actions taken on your site by registered users are logged; this can help figure out who did what if you have a number of users working on the site and is also valuable if an account is compromised.
Asset optimizationWe can minimize and combine Javascript and CSS files when necessary for an extra performance boost.
Additional page cachingIf needed, we can enable software page caching in addition to our service-side cache. This isn't always the right choice, as it adds additional load. If performance issues develop, we can test this first before deciding if its right for your site.
Performance monitoringWe'll share the results with you, but we're watching the stats ourselves... we try to find and fix any unacceptable performance issues before you even notice!
Automatic database cleanupRemoval of WordPress expired transients, excessive document revisions, etc. that build up over time; these can negatively affect site performance if left unchecked.
Uptime monitoringInstant notifications are broadcast to the KMD team in the event of an outage, so we can get on it ASAP and get you back in action.
Image optimizationImages are compressed as they're uploaded to your site for improved site performance (with little to no loss of fidelity).
Image "lazy loading"Images only load as your site's visitors scroll to the parts of the page on which they appear, improving overall page load time for your site's visitors.
Automatic SEO checkupsWe run regular scans on your site to gather info relating to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and produce reports to suggest ways to improve.
Sitemap generationSitemaps help search engines understand your site. We automatically generate, update, and upload (to Google and Bing) your sitemap regularly.
Content analysisWe scan your site for the readability score of your posts and report this information to help you improve the accessibility of your content.
Google AnalyticsWe configure Google Analytics and set it up to be visible on your WordPress dashboard and also part of our reporting to you.
GDPR assistanceWe configure cookie notices and help you with your site privacy policy in order to better comply with privacy laws such as Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, which impacts even US-based sites!)
WordPress core updatesThe number one reason sites get hacked is out of date code. Software vulnerabilities, when found, get reported; hackers watch these and exploit the weaknesses. This is why we stay on top of the updates, including WordPress itself.
In-dash WordPress training videosWe put dozens of professionally-made WordPress training videos right in your WordPress dashboard to help you better learn to use this powerful and amazing tool
Monthly reportA monthly report gets delivered to your inbox with information about plugin and theme updates, your uptime stats, Google Analytics data, SEO scan results, and more.
Premium pluginsAccess to premium plugins for things like forms, quizzes, polls, popups, and more.
Awesome supportSubscribers have access to our support portal and our team of WordPress professionals, not just for problems but also for general questions about WordPress and websites.

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