Our Services

These are some of the features that come standard when you trust your WordPress website to us. (We also have an exhaustive list if you’d like more details.)

Daily Cloud Backups​

If disaster strikes, we can restore your site in minutes from our cloud backups.

24/7 Security Monitoring​

We configure our premium security plugin to protect your site from hackers and malware.


Improves site security, Google rankings, and customer confidence. Prevents "this site is not secure" when visited.

Performance Monitoring

We try to find and fix any unacceptable performance issues before you even notice!

Content Delivery Network

We store assets such as your images in edge servers around the world for faster page loading.

Staging Site

An exact replica of your site where you can work without fear of messing up anything your customers might see.

Image Optimization​

Images are compressed as they're uploaded to your site for improved site performance.

Google Analytics​

We configure Google Analytics and set it up to be visible on your dashboard; it's also part of our reporting to you.

SEO Checkups​

We run regular scans on your site's SEO and produce reports suggesting ways to improve.

Sitemap Generation

Sitemaps help search engines understand your site. We update your sitemap regularly.

Premium Hosting

Our hosting partners are carefully chosen for of their features, reliability, and commitment to service.

Ongoing Support

Access to our support ticketing system, in-dash training videos, and team of web and WordPress experts.

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