[post-sticky note-id=’880′]Ever have an important thought that you really want to include with your post or page content but you end up leaving it out because it didn’t seem to fit anywhere? In print media, this is called a “sidebar” and it is normally “placed adjacent to an article, graphically separate but with [a] contextual connection.”

WP Post Stickies lets you produce editorial sidebars in posts and pages, using the ubiquitous format of the “sticky note”. You can go to Settings/WP Post Stickies and use the UI to create a shortcode and then copy and paste it into your post or page, or you can use the new button in the editor toolbar to paste in a template shortcode.

WP Post Stickies also comes with a widget which allows you to use the shortcodes in a widget that can be displayed in any of your theme’s widget areas.  And it lets you keep that whole AgilePress sticky-note vibe throughout your site.

We made WP Post Stickies for ourselves, but we hope you enjoy it too!

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