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At KMD Enterprises, we design and develop your WordPress website, deploy and host it securely, and keep it updated and at operating at peak performance.

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You have a business to run.

And we know how much work that can be! We understand that you needs results, not a run-around. We’ve built our business around providing complete end-to-end WordPress solutions.

Experienced Industry Professionals

Our team has over a century of enterprise-level, real-world experience with websites, web servers, software development, and business analysis.

The KMDE Difference

We’re not for people who think of their website like a phone number… just a medium through which some of your contacts initiate.

We’re here for serious business people who see their website as a face and voice for their company. If you need your site to always be there, to always respond quickly… 

If you need your site to be unique not only in appearance but also in behaviour… if your website is as important as the brick ‘n’ mortar was to stores fifty years ago…

Then you need the KMDE difference. Because from day one, we determined that we’d not only do everything for your website… we’d also do it better.

what we do

KMD Specializes in:

Custom Development

Not everything can be had from an off-the-shelf WordPress plugin. We can build what you need from the ground up.

Cloud Architecture

Our experience with cloud providers such as AWS and Digital Ocean means the sky's the limit for your project vision.

WordPress Multisite

We're experts with WordPress and experienced with WordPress Multisite, an especially good solution for large sites or corporate intranets.


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KMD Enterprises

We don't just build websites; we build relationships.